Tailor to Your Needs

Our search process is designed to deliver exactly the talent needed when and where it is needed most. As our client, you can expect personal attention during every phase of the search process, with a single direct point of contact from start to finish.


Develop Search Plan

We begin with an in-depth analysis of position specifications, careful gathering of requirements with a focus on value and results-oriented experience, which effectively promotes company attributes and retains the most successful candidate.



Source Candidates

We utilize our extensive database of candidates and companies to actively seek potential candidates from direct competitors and parallel industries located locally, regionally, or internationally. We will also approach inactive candidates which gives you access to a different pool of candidates in the market.



Shortlist & Screen Candidates

All qualified candidates are fully interviewed at a face-to-face meeting, during which the identity of the client is revealed. In the meeting we will conduct behavioural and targeted interviewing techniques to ensure that clients are presented with candidates who possess all of the necessary and desired skill sets.

Interview Clients

We will manage the short-listed candidates through the interview process and provide detailed feedback to address and resolve areas of concern. We will also provide honest feedback coupled with tailored advice during the entire interview process to ensure a seamless hiring transition.



Manage Offers

We consult on and assist with negotiation of all elements surrounding an employment offer. Hands-on involvement ensures that the candidate identified gets hired and stays hired.



Follow Up

After the hire of the successful candidate, we will remain available for clients and candidates. We are always at the ready to intervene and mediate if problems arise. We will regularly check in with the candidate and client to ensure both parties are happy, and that the relationship between employee and employer is developing properly.